Great stories are supposed to begin with a hook. A single line of such magnitude that the reader of this tale can do nothing other than continue to read. Despite that fact, I often find the beauty of some stories cannot be conveyed in one sentence. A short complication of words to sum up so many twisted paths. I do believe this impossibility is the death of many tales most worthy of the telling.


Firsts are always hard. But this… this is something different. Harnessing my imagination to manipulate the sometimes stark reality around me is a craft I’ve been honingĀ for as long as I can remember. So I’d like to offer you this thanks: for gracing me with your presence and ever so briefly finding yourself in the existence I attempt to create.

You will find this to be a mindful labor of love. A collection of original randomness seasoned with both a tiny sliver of reality and a lot of imagination. Through these musings, I endeavor to become a better writer and just maybe, produce something that allows you to see the world through a slightly different lens.