Focus… both friend and foe.

There are few sweeter pleasures in life than partaking in passionately engaged concentration.

Falling into the depths of a project.
Forgetting time exists in a virtual world.
Seeing through the pages of another.
The touch of one so desired.
The numbing distraction of pain.

Yet, when that concentration becomes focused on something you’d rather forget….
There are few such formidable foes.

At what point do you stop being part of the narrative and simply become an observer?

At what point do you stop simply being an observer and become part of the narrative?

Let it pour  

She arrived home just ahead of the storm. 

She had seen it in her rear view mirror and patiently sat on the front steps watching it’s impending embrace. 

She could see the rain before she felt it, saw the flashes of lightening before hearing the roll of the thunder. 

It was peaceful… the domination of something so destructive engulfing one’s entire being. To fall into the power of a storm.