There is power in the blood,
Power in the breath.
In both you find,
Life and death.

Oft there is bliss,
Deep in the abyss.
The eyes of a doll,
Sees through them all.

The insincere who interfere,
Racketeers and profiteers.
Slaves to the financier,
Adhering to their darkest fears.

Darts to the heart,
As they slowly fall apart.
Mistrust of friends,
Such a distorted lens.

Calculating, nauseating.
Denigrating, legislating.

Fabrication of reputation,
Deprivation and isolation.
Relaxation in suffocation,
Beautification in termination.

Defame and maim,
Proclaim, take aim.
Inflame with your blame,
All a game of the same name.

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