True Believer

“You have such a genuine smile, may I ask you a question?” 

Glancing up at the eager young man who focused on her amidst the crowded cafe, she took a sip of her coffee and studied him. She had seen this look before. “Sure.”

“Have you heard the good news?” 

Familiarity in such simplicity. This question had been posed to her by much slicker salesmen than the neatly pressed suit that now sat across from her. “Probably, but do tell.” 

His bright eyes regaled her with the splendor of heaven, the sacrifice of his savour, and the torments waiting those who dared reject this message of peace. Yet, how do you fear the tales of despair when you were raised at the whims of demons?

In return for the inability to answer her litany of questions, he offered his neatly packaged pamphlet of lies and the promise of his prayers. A true believer… for now.

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